Emiliano Santalucia Fan Club Interview - Ask your questions.

  1. Ulisses31
    Hello Fans... Ive asked permission to Emiliano to getter some question from the members of this Fan Group to make to him, like Q&A in the forum... he liked the idea.

    So this thread is to get that questions from all of us... no hurries we can think on them until 15 November, then I will chose 10 and send them to Emiliano.

    Have fun...
  2. Ulisses31
    I will start with one:

    In mastersunbound you say:

    Don't ask me what the secret plans of the Cosmic Guardians are, or what has happened to the Sorceress, or how the war on Etheria finished. Some of these questions have no answers because the situations that generated them were dictated by precise demands of the story (and basically, I only had 36 pages in which to tell my story!). Others, meanwhile, have a real reason to be there but I hope to be able to give the answers to these in the future story...
    Will you really do a future story?
  3. Snake Hunter
    Snake Hunter
    With the MOTUC figures released, have you make some artwork based on this line? Id love to see a classic poster with MOTUC figures drawn by Emiliano.
  4. Triklops 1
    Triklops 1
    emiliano you know how I appreciate your work ....your works for 80s properties its just every kid now adult come true !!!!!
    Would you be interested in working for motuc mini comics ??? thanks again you're a true he-fan !!!
  5. Keldor-Skeletor73
    Hello Emiliano. I know you're working for Hasbro now, can we hope to see any Santalucia Star Wars artwork coming out soon? Back to MOTUC: what's your fave release up to date?
  6. JimmyPSHayes
    Given the things that happened between MV and Mattel, would you ever work for them again if the chance arose? Anything that you're doing comic book wise coming up?
  7. Ulisses31
    OK time is up... only 5 questions, thanks to everyone who participated
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