Matty Collector International Postage costs

  1. He-Boy
    Hi Everyone, I thought I'd create a guide to the postage costs for Matty Collector. If any of the information is incorrect, let me know.

    Costs are in $USD

    No. - UPS - Slow Post
    1 - $50.55 - $9.95
    2 - $50.55 - $9.95
    3 - $50.55 - $15.55
    4 - $50.55 - $22.10
    5 - $50.55 - $28.44
    6 - $50.55 - $34.90
    7 - $71.05 - $41.40
    8 - $76.75 - $48.15
    9 - $87.50 - $54.65
    10 - $87.75 - $61.10
  2. r_r_r_22
    Thanks for the guide.

    If I was to get 6 I'd probably go UPS. Tomorrow morning I was planning on getting 4 figures, 3* BA He-man and one Beast Man. I may just knock one BA He-Man off my order and save myself some dollars in postage.

    I honestly don't know why it's so slow the other way. I mean it's Air Mail so it shouldn't be any longer than 2 weeks maybe 3. I got a standard Air-Mail package from a guy in here in under a week and all my Amazon orders take around that time maybe a little more to get here.

    I'm trying something different with my address in the morning to see if the figures get here any quicker. I'm going to put in the Town Name field after my town name, Victoria, Australia. Working in the Postal industry I see a lot of parcels for Austria come here first. I'm thinking that some of them head there first because they are only labled AUS and nearly all of my packages have Australia hand written on the box, which is what we do when parcels for Austria arrive here. It's a long shot but it's possible that is what is happening to some of them. I'll let you all know how it goes. Hopefully I can knock a week or two off the time. 8 weeks or longer is ludicrous! They're not being brought over on a row boat for goodness sake!
  3. He-Boy
    I have read some other people saying something similar. I also think our packages are delayed because they stop over in NZ first (dont they?)
  4. TheFallen
    Great thread He-Boy

    And yeah, they go by NZ first
  5. r_r_r_22
    The question should be why do they go through NZ first? Is it cheaper to stop over in NZ before they get here? Even if they do stop over their first I still can't see why it takes so bloody long for them to arrive.

    I'll let you all know how the address thing goes for me. I'm really hoping it helps!
  6. r_r_r_22
    Doesn't seem like my change of address helped speed up the order.
  7. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    fantastic Thread, Thanks He-Boy

    I figure the NZ stop over makes sense in that if they are coming via boat (hence Slowness) then NZ is a logical stop over point, but I still dont see why they are re-posted from NZ, that confuses me!

    Im dreading the postage differences with dear old Battle Cat!
  8. DaBigfella
    No idea on Battle Cat shipping costs yet? I've allowed for it to be double just in case...
  9. He-Boy
    Hey Everyone, I've just done some testing while the Palace Guards and Grayskull Stands are still available. It seems that both items (although VERY different in size) equal a standard figure as far as postage costs go. This means that 9 sets of palace Guards and 1 set of stands cost the same as 9 sets of stands and 1 set of Palace Guards.
  10. Mister E
    So basically, we re paying six times as much per figure for postage when we order from Super 7?
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