All those Finns..!

  1. Squid
    Whats up with all of you?!
    I've searched the board, and for every Dane, Norwegian or Swede
    there seem to be 10 Finns. Why is that?!
  2. Monikasvo
    When Filmation's show arrived to Finland, we had something like 2,5 TV-chanels and 2 of them were running by the goverment. In that world He-man was serious, cool and powerful stuff. And those toys were something so western and modern too.
  3. Squid
    I actually do not remember the cartoon on Danish television.
    The toy line was huge here, though. All boys loved it.
    I always rented He-man videos when my family were to see movies,
    and they were Danish dubbed ... so maybe I just don't remember the TV-show?
    I would love as many Danish MOTU collectors, as you are in Finland.
    I think the amound of Danish collectors can be counted on one hand!
  4. pH6
    The toys are what brought me to the franchise. And they were available literally EVERYWHERE back in the day. There's a story of the early days of MotU where they sent one year's customs report back from higher officials on the grounds of 'there must be an error here'. But no, they actually imported THAT much. Good times. And because of that, practically every Finn between 25 and 35 years remembers MotU, or at least He-Man.
  5. Soulgem
    I can't remember such a dominance by MotU here, but they were pretty popular. Every kid I knew had a few figures. G.I. Joe gradually took over, at least for me.
  6. Sabretooth
    There was a fan from Bornholm - Denmark here on the boards. But I do not remember his/her(?) name ...
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