200X Line!

  1. Squid
    Was it avalible in your country?!
    It never reached Denmark - unfortunatly.
    I know it was in stores in Finland,
    but what about Sweden and Norway?
    Or Iceland for that matter?
  2. Soulgem
    Yeah we had 200x here in Norway. I can't comment on amount sold, or popularity, but I saw them in stores. When I saw them, I was floored, as I didn't expect to see them. This was even in a regular toy store, not in a collectors/comic store. I was tempted, but at the time I was a poor student, and exclusively collecting Marvel Legends.
  3. Squid

    I sometimes wonder, if it was Mattel who found the Danish marked too small,
    or some boring Danish toy-chief, who didn't believe in the line?
    I always thought that the Scandinavian marked was one marked, but I guess not?
    I mean; we have lots of Toys'R'Us stores, and a big Danish toy-chain, Fætter BR,
    so the possibillity for huge sales were clearly here.
    I have no love towards the regular 200X line, because it wasn't avalible for me. Same goes for POP which wasn't sold here either.
    An obscure cartoon-shop in downtown Copenhagen did sell the Stactions back in 2007 (at prices between DKR 200-350!!!),
    so I got totally hooked on those - and have a complete coll., well, I still miss Webstor and Randor + the different paint variations.

    I only joined eBay in 2008 - hallelujah ... me like, me like alot!
  4. Monikasvo
    In Finland we had the line, but for some obscure reasons few characters were dropped out (Teela, Evillyn, Sy-klone with regular colors and some vehicles too).
  5. pH6
    I think it had something to do with them simply not getting the product. First Orkos were leftovers from U.S. markets, and if the U.S. Mattel's official 'female figures don't sell' policy had caused them to make very short stack of Teela&Evil-Lyn, there just weren't any to offer overseas. The ceo of Mattel Finland at the time personally gave me a list of what they had on their system as coming soon, but never became reality. There was also Prince Adam listed, and they had that r/c car at a fair for toy retailers, but those didn't make it to shelves either.
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