Adora Pros vs Cons

  1. radrcks
    Alright now that I'm back I can keep up better with these. I'll try to fill in the holes once I get those figures, but for now I'll just do Adora.

    Granted she didn't get an official figure in the vintage PoP line, or one in the 200X line we did get an unofficial Adora with the first She-Ra vintage figure so that's what I'll base this off of.

    Pro - The face is just too beautiful. She certainly looks every bit like the Princess she is supposed to be. The mask is another big pro for me. With the exception of magically growing hair she didn't really change that much. Neither did He-Man but at least Adam and He-Man had different skin tones. So the fact that Adora had a mask that covered her face when she transformed into She-Ra really upped the secret identity factor.
    Con - The fact that the only way to get an Adora is to basically undress her down to what is essentially a bathing suit.


    Pro - Finally an official Adora figure in her Filmation outfit. Love the boot cuffs, the outfit, the face. The power sword is fantastic, the gen im it is just amazing.
    Con - my massively deformed figure aside (seperating heel, warped ankle, massive paint errors, bobblehead, her left leg being 2cm longer than the right leg) there's not much that bothers me. The diaper isn't nearly as bad in person her right thigh is a little misshapen, it looks like she tore her tendon or something.

    I'm reserving my judgment until I get my replacement that Matty is sending me. I want to love classics Adora, but right now we're stuck in a sort of co-dependant abusive relationship.
  2. Ulisses31
    We should do some publicity to yours Pros vs Cons on the regular forums... this really deserve to be read. Can you make the group public and readable by everyone? That and a thread with links to the group will get more readers...
  3. radrcks
    I agree , any ideas? As far as making it viewable to everyone who isn't in the group, I'm not really sure how to change the settings on here to make that possible, so if anyone knows how let me know and I'll do it.
  4. Ulisses31
    Go to the end of the group main page click in edit group...
    There you just have to chose in the scroll box the option public...
  5. Ulisses31
    We could start a thread in the MOTUC section with the title: "All eras MOTU Figures Pros vs Cons"

    Then we start write something like this:

    Hello Orgers, we invite you to read these reviews at the Vintage vs 200X social group (linked to the group main page), now it is public so be welcome to join, keep in mind that we want civilized discussions, all "trollīs" will be reported and banned.

    Here you can find a list with links to the last reviews, updated with new reviews as the MOTUC toys get to our hands... hope you all like it and we wait for you comments... thanks for reading.

    Last Reviews:
    • Adora (linked to the discussion in the group)
    • Teela
    • etc...
  6. radrcks
    Well my replacement Adora came and I love her. Matty's 'Adora' from the 80's still has its own charm though. I'd say for when it comes to me that it's a tie between the 'unofficial' vintage one and the official classics version.
  7. Ulisses31
    So does we start that thread or not? I do it or you want to do it?
  8. radrcks
    I'll prolly get to posting them this week.
  9. Ulisses31
    OK, I really think these reviews deserve to have more readers... they are really great

    PS - delete these conversations about that thread if you want, I believe that these donīt need to be here, attached to this review... I will not mind if you think that deleting them and leave only the review, will make this thread look better... (hope you understand what Iīm trying to say... my English is not perfect)
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