1. J_Man
    Introductions and all that...

    I'm a member of Joe Customs and post here on the .org randomly. Lots of He-Man fans are out there that are bigger G.I.Joe fans. Here's a place to feel free to say what you want without fear of a rabid He-Man fan getting all over you for saying "the wrong thing".
  2. Chief
    Yeah, I signed up over here when I was doing research for the He-Man No-Joe Challenge:


    Once the NJC is over, I'll come over here and post all my 1:18 MOTU customs that I made over the past few weeks.

    I'm not really an MOTU collector - the scale, and honestly the sculpts just aren't my thing. But I do love the characters, which is why I've been making so many "proper" scaled customs lately. Also working on modding/utilizing MOTU playsets & vehicles to work with my 1:18-scale figs, which shouldn't be hard, since they've always been terribly undersized for MOTU figs anyway.

    Glad I'm not the only one here, Joe!
  3. J_Man
    Yeah I've been signed up here for a while. I've only really started posting since the Classics. The board wasn't my thing before that. I guess the Classics line brought out more fans that we not quite as obsessed, hehe.

    If that He-Man movie ever happens, maybe they'll do 3 3/4" scale. Mattel has said that the movie line would be it's own thing along side the Classics. That would be fun and a lot of companies seem to be jumping on the 4" scale bandwagon.
  4. Chief
    With our luck, Playmates will somehow get the movie license -- or Mattel will just make them out of the crappy existing DCIH molds
  5. J_Man
    Looks like we're the only ones. None of the others have joined up.
  6. Collec-Tor
    Hello everyone!
    My first love will forever be GI Joe, but since MOTU entered my world around the same time as the 3.75 inch Joe line, they will forever be linked in my head!
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