Adora Pros and Cons

  1. Darkspecter
    Being released about 7 months ago, I think everyone should have their Adora figure by now.

    So, what did you like about her, what didn't you like about her and what would you change (if anything)?

    When Adora is re-issued, would you like to see any paint apps changed? For example: brighter red for the outfit, brighter yellow for her hair, etc?

    Share your thoughts.

  2. Oz-Scott
    Everything about Adora is PERFECT!
    The 4HM captured her brilliantly.

    It would have been cool if she came with a silver She-ra shield tho..

    I didn't like her sword at 1st, but it's grown on me, so I'm happy.

    EDIT: I just don't like the way she's taller than He-Man...
  3. Judeh Simon
    Judeh Simon
    Do i dare bring it up again?

    Granny Panties!!!! (having accepted the skirts vs tights dilema, i do feel like she could have benefited from some detail on the skirt edging; it's too plain). Also, Brighter colors, especially on her hair.
  4. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    I admit than when I first saw her -in the SDCC 09 pics- I wasn't convinced, but once she arrived I Fell in love!

    Shes my absolute favorite of the Females released so far, and Although I was worried about the 'Granny Panties' factor, in person they are not as .... well....big!

    I agree with Scott, she should have had a shield. but in all other ways perfect!

    I really hope that future POP figs have the 'Jewel' in their shields or weapons, because its a nice homage to original figures.
  5. Hordaiquiri
    Honestly, she's almost perfect imo, but she just seems really dull color wise, all over.
  6. Stella_Steve
    I'm still planning on sprucing my adora up. Just haven't had a chance yet.
    I want to give her a nice bright orangey red insted of that dull brick red. I don't know what the deal is with all the "dull" colors in this line. DCUC figures by mattel are very bright!
  7. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    I think its TG & Co's way of integratiing POP into the line, by making them duller they avoid 'Girlie bright' backlash!

    But Ironically Keldor,Faker and Randor are A LOT brighter!
  8. bcrduke
    I love her. The figure and belt and gun are excellent. The sword looks cheap The sword that comes with She-Ra was better-made. The place where the gem is held is not well made and looks chipped I want the two-toned silver sword to match He-Man's.

    I love the figure though. The only thing is that she almost looks down. Her hair could have been designed, in the back, to make it possible for her to look up a TINY bit. Other than that, I have no problems!

    I'd love to see a "Force Captain Adora" repaint.
  9. Stella_Steve
    I'm sure your right, I think they are totally paranoid to give these gals any detail what so ever so these testosterone junkies won't freak and say they are dolls.....

    I mean you look at chief carnivorous and Randor...and these guys are royal and covered in some pretty great detail. She-ra...who in my opinion was always pretty royal...looks kinda plain and doesn't do much for me.
  10. L0rdGr1ml0ck
    I'm totally new to the MOTUC universe, and Adora is the first figure I bought, after finding it in a "comic book" store (specialized in Japanese merchandise).
    As a total noob, I can't help being simply amazed every time I look at her: the overall design, the joints, the poses, the accessories, her visage, her eyes. Everything about her feels so true to the original Adora that I loved as a kid!
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