Don't you feel like in the old times?

  1. Lex_Alfa
    The thing I like the most about MotUC is the chance we have of enjoying the beginning of a new line. I was too young to remember the rise of the original line, NA was not a huge event, and 200x was a disaster due to commercial failure... but now we can feel the excitement of recieving our long loved characters at home, and what is mor important for me; I'm able to open their blisters... just like in the old times.

    What do you think, do you feel as if you were a child again?
  2. capitalzero
    I dunno, I felt like the old times back when the 2002 line hit, but I feel it again now.

    just because 2002 bit the dust doesn't mean the initial reaction to it wasn't a good feeling.
  3. Duff
    I agree, with Capital... I got the same feeling back in 2002 because the new version seemed to respect the original so much. I do have to admit that the Classics line is making me feel like a kid again though... I am expecting my first figure to arrive today and I am sitting in my office constantly checking the mail room for the package. I truly feel like a kid again...
  4. LastEternian
    I hear ya, Lex Alfa! I totally agree with ya. I feel like a kid again with a new MOTU line to collect. I never got into the 200x line, because it was too different from the one I loved as a kid, but MOTUC is a godsent! Let this line never end!
  5. Agent John Utah
    Agent John Utah
    An original 8-back Beastman from K-mart was the first figure I got when I was 6 (and of course I suckered my grandpa into buying it for me), and I can honestly say the new Classics line has brought back the true nostalgia of collecting the vintage toys, without having to prowl a toy aisle in vain.
  6. skeletorous
    I have to say that a big part for me was getting a batch of figures for Christmas and then during the summer walking to our local toyshop with my brother and spending our pocket money on a figure each. The excitment of the long walk down, hoping a certain figure was still there and thinking what choices we would have. Then we would rush, pratically run home so we could catch HeMan on tv and play in the garden.
    I miss that sharing aspect these days, rare u have a mate or brother who shares the adult love of MOTU..thats why we love the Org guys
  7. He-Dude
    YES!! Iam able to tune into that feeling quite a bit when I mess around with my figures... I love when they fall over - It gives me a chance to "play" with them.
  8. He-Dude
    I have a lot of the 200X figures and loved it when they came out and when the new cartoon was on. Then it fell apart and faded away... I stumbled on a Webstor figure at my local comic store that Digital River... ... accidentally sent to the store owner. I just thought it was an old vintage at first thenI looked closer... "what the heck is this?" The "guy" told me about and I had to track all the figures sown on E-bay." Now I'm a monthly cherry-picker... and have every figure that I want... (No She-Ra/Rebellion stuff except for Bow...)
  9. he-man121
    When the classics line started in 2008 i bought King Grayskull from SDCC but it wasn't until i got He-man and Beast man in the December that i got that nostalgic feeling for the line back.I didn't really have that feeling for the 2002 line i started buying them but quickly gave them to my stepson after buying Battle cat,He-man,Skeletor and the Beetle basher,i just couldn't get into the style although the cartoon was ok,not much story just random episodes to introduce characters,i did watch and enjoy it.
    Recently i seem to have lost the excitement for MotuC i was happy to get Two Bad,and Rio Blast will be another great addition when he is released but this maybe my last sub i don't really have nostalgia for all these one off characters,Cy-chop,Nepthu,Plundor,Geldor,FFM,Vykron and even Vikor for me have just polluted the line,i'm more the nostalgic collector rather than an all in collector,sold off the PoP and NA characters as i have no affiliation for those factions.
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