Group Introductions

  1. Strong-Dar
    I guess I will get the ball rolling and introduce myself. My name is Richard and I'm from Nova Scotia, and I've been collecting MOTU for the last few months. I'm still a rookie but my collection is growing. I look forward to talking with you all about Masters of the Universe. Feel free to introduce yourself here if you wish.
  2. Spikewolfe
    Greetings Richard! I'm Kevin, and I'm in Northern Ontario. I've been collecting MOTU since it began, but stopped for many years after the vintage line ended. I began collecting again around late 2007. Joined this site shortly afterwards. What aspects of MOTU do you collect?
  3. Fisto-cuffs
    Hello Richard and Kevin! I am James from central Ontario. Most of my Motu figures are left over from my childhood, but I'm in the middle of a private project of restoration to spruce up my Castle Grayskull. I like very much and I'm happy to be part of this group.
  4. g00ge0n
    Hi, Paul here from Southern Ontario. Just recently started collecting my favorite toy growing up. It started last Winter watching a rerun of Masters on teletoon retro! Still building a complete NA toy set, missing a few here and there. Lots of fun so far.
  5. Agent John Utah
    Agent John Utah
    Hi everyone, my name is Jon and I'm from Winnipeg, MB. I've been a MOTU fan my whole life and on the ORG for close to a decade now, I just don't post as much as I should. Not sure if this group is still happening but I am curious to talk to local collectors or fans and even creators and artists to work on MOTU projects.
  6. stormtripper
    Hi, my name is Jay I am a canuck from the left coast eh, lol I live in BC with my wife and 3 sons. I grew up in Ont and had the first 4 years of the vintage line as a child, sold it at a garage sale for a retarded amount (like $80, I was a stupid kid) I collect and customize the MOTUC figures, I am not a completest but there are a few figures I could have grabbed that I regret not getting, such as life live and learn!
  7. flutterina
    Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and I reside in Mission, BC. I collect mainly POP, but I'm a huge fan of the franchise in general. It's refreshing to see so many Canadian fans!
  8. skeletor_82
    Hi everyone, nothing on since 2014 so I am hoping this jump starts something. I am from south Saskatchewan, have been collecting most of my life, took time off between the ages of 15 to probably 23. Have been steadily collecting since for the last 10 years.
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