What Non-MOTU/POP/NA Related Toylines From Mattel Do You Like?

  1. Mr. Shokoti
    Mr. Shokoti
    I'm assuming most, if not all, of us would consider one of the toylines spun off from 1982's Masters Of The Universe as their favorite toyline from Mattel. What non-MOTU related toylines from Mattel do you like?

    For me, most were from my childhood in the 80's...

    Marvel's Secret Wars
    Hot Wheels

    ...along with Mattel's Ren & Stmpy toys in the 90's.
  2. Count Marzo
    Count Marzo
    Mattel is my favorite toy company ever.

    I know I'll probably forget some things they made that I had and enjoyed but here goes:

    Food Fighters
    Creepy Crawlers

    They also have the magic 8 ball under their belt, that's a fan favorite. Also they are the inventors of toy "slime".

    Their commercials are the best, most memorable toy commercials of all as well. Even the girl commercials are still in my head 20-30 years later.

    And nowadays, they have Matty Collector and that upcoming Voltron stuff looks great!
  3. Mr. Shokoti
    Mr. Shokoti
    Kenner was close to being my favorite toy company, but since MOTU is my favorite toyline ever & Hasbro basically killed off Kenner by buying them up, I'll agree that Mattel is the best.
  4. Toymaker
    I actually have a soft spot for Barbie, because she was a great way to get my niece into Mattel!

    Also, when we were kids, I remember my sister having a barbie car that I could fit 2 MOTU figures in, so I would borrow it and pretend it was the Filmation Attak Trak!
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