Introductions - Post here if you just joined

  1. Patreek
    Thought I would start a thread for new people to the group. If you are new, let us know you've joined and where in the are you are at and anything else you want us to know.
  2. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    ready and go.......
  3. GFunny
    I see not many people took to this so two years later and I'll start. I'm not from NY but I live just outside of Philly and work in North Jersey (Berkley Heights) and I collect mostly vintage MOCs. Had a ton of classics and stactions but sold it all off when I found out I was having another kid. Looking for people to buy from, sell to, trade with and maybe even go to some toy shows/conventions with
  4. Dingus
    Hey guys!

    Here in NYC!

    Glad to join the group
  5. JKDSifuDan
    Hey guys I'm new to the group. My name is Dan and I'm a New Yorker and vintage MOTU collector.
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