Welcome one and all!

  1. Swifty
    These groups don't seem to get too much action on here but I'm hoping I can drum up some sort of support as I know there are more than a few of you out there who are excited about Madame and Broom! So if you're here please join up and we can discuss not just these two wonderful characters but anything else related to POP and/or MOTU. Welcome!
  2. Swifty
    Welcome Mr. Shakoti! Tell your other friends to stop on by and join if they are POP and/or Filmation fans!
  3. Mr. Shokoti
    Mr. Shokoti
    Thanks for the welcome Swifty!

    You might want to try to gain some new members here at this POP subgroup...

  4. Clawful Ofit
    Clawful Ofit
    Hi guys! Big Razz fan, I will admit to hating her at first, but she totally won me over within 3 episodes. I hope we see her soon!

  5. Swifty
    Dave, that's GREAT to hear! I know there are a lot of MOTU fans who do not like them but I hope more of them change their tune like you did!
  6. krosfyah
    I'd LOVE to see these two in the line. I'm not big on PoP really but it's part of MOTU universe and some aspects I love. The biggest reason I support Razz and Broom though is I think they are overdue and would look amazing from the horsemen.
  7. Swifty
    Welcome Krosfyah. Glad to hear those sentiments from you!
  8. iron_pride
    Let's do this. Gotta have her. She is an essential.
  9. Bri-Man
    and MY AXE!!

    oh, well i guess no one really set me up for that LOTR line...but you have my support!
    let's keep her filmation based, with minor embellishing of the details.
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