SoH new Evil Warriors

  1. ²He-Ro

    1.) Missile-Toe (red)
    2.) Ever-Mean (Evil-Seed's offshoot)
    3.) Skeletor (with new Powers and full Amor)
    4.) Bug-Eye (purple - Ruler of all / One of Beast-Man's Creaturs )
    5.) Slob-Boar (Pink - Beast-Men from the Pig Clan / One of Beast-Man's Creaturs )
    6.) Tongue-Lasher (Cyan - Chamelion spy / poor Tung Lashor Variant)

    Missed is:
    7.) Odar (the Son of Stinkor)
    8.) Saw-tooth (all time hungry)
  2. Mr. Shokoti
    Mr. Shokoti
    I like Skeletor's look(at least for a variant) and really like the bottom 3 villains.
  3. ²He-Ro
    yes it remembers me on the Andreenide spikes

    in SoH He must heal from his wounds an dont need so many bonics!
    Why in NA his neck and a peace of Hair is back on end!
  4. He-Ro II
    He-Ro II
    You mean it reminds you on the spikes Andreenids get by eating Ambrosia
    Indeed, Skeletor reminds me very much on "Ambrosia Skeletor" from MYP's cartoon episode
  5. ²He-Ro
    Did some one seen the new comics with the SoH charackters ? I love to see them inserted in the story but som colorations wonders me
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