A welcome to MOTU fans in North Carolina!

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  1. Barbecue17
    I have seen lots of .orgers from NC so I figured we needed a place to gather. I'd really love to get to the point where some of us could get together or at least meet up at events such as local conventions and toy shows. Anyone else from NC here?
  2. Night Stalker
    Night Stalker
    Fayetteville here! I'd like to meet up with some fellow .orgers sometime as well.
  3. Barbecue17
    Welcome, Night Stalker!
  4. slackrguy
    Heya folks. BBQ17 I hadn't realised you started a group for NC. Good on you, man!
  5. Barbecue17
    I figures we definitely needed one! Seems like there are lots of NC fans, and I'd love to get to the point where we could all coordinate a get together or something!
  6. thecrimsonfiend
    Hey guys, i just wanted to drop a line in here. There's a toy show coming up on June 9-10 in greensboro at the coliseum complex-
    Greensboro Coliseum Complex
    1921 W Lee Street
    Greensboro, NC 27403
    I'll be set up with DC direct and misc. DC stuff (tons of batman), 200X MOTU (anyone looking for a battlestation?!), a good mix of cheap figures-toy biz marvel, xmen etc, 80's GI Joe figures & vehicle etc etc. Lots of great stuff! You guys should come on down! Barbecue17-I met you at the Hickory show, maybe I'll see you here?!
  7. VictoryLiger
    I'm going to be selling at the toy show too. I'll have mostly Transformers and a few other odds and ends. I may have a few odd MOTU items, if I get the chance to dig through stuff.
  8. thecrimsonfiend
    Great! It'll be nice to meet some fellow .orgers
  9. captainamerica
    Hey guys, I live in Greensboro. This will be one of the few times I won't be setting up.

    Be happy to meet up with anybody and offer directions to comic shops/toy stores/good food if needed.
  10. thecrimsonfiend
    That's too bad, but maybe you can make it to the toy show at the state fairgrounds in a few weeks, the 23rd-24th. It's I. The Scott Kerr building, I'll be set up selling at that one too!
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