What's in your current playlist?

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  1. Lewd_Squirrel
    My current playlist, at the moment, is

    Sometimes - Ours
    Big Black Hole - Snog
    Fluff - Black Sabbath
    Breathe - Prodigy
    Halls of Illusion - ICP
    Of Wolf and Man - Metallica
    Rubber Doll - Lords of Acid
    Rotten Apple - Alice in Chains
    My Monkey - Marilyn Manson
    99 Problems - Jay Z

    :/ ok, not all of the bands are heavy, but most of the songs are hard or heavy.
  2. joe113
    Black/Death/Doom/Heavy Metal fan here, I saw someone mention Manilla Road, great band!

    I have a huge metal collection and am very passionate about it current playlist changes often but recently,

    the new Lie in Ruins full-length, very impressive start to the new year.
    lots of Graveland and Veles (if anyone isn't familiar with Graveland, it's like the perfect metal soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian, especially the later albums.)
    Incantation - Onward to Golgotha
    Disma - Towards the Megalith
    as always King Diamond and Mercyful Fate (Skeletor would be a huge King Diamond fan for sure, anyone see that Youtube video with He-Man singing Mercyful Fate, LOL?)
    Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times
    Darkthrone - Under A Funeral Moon
    Legion of Doom - Kingdoms of Endless Darkness
  3. joe113
    Hey, are we permitted to post youtube links here? I can post that He-Man video I just mentioned...
  4. Rhapsody
    Hey guys!!
    Thunderkill got me registered here and I found my way over to this group because I ***** love metal!!
    I've been on a nostalgic kick the past couple of weeks and have played:
    Iron Maiden - Killers
    Nocturnal Rites - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
    Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
    The Sword - Age of Winters
    Neurosis - Souls at Zero

    End of Line
  5. Lewd_Squirrel
    Robot Boy - Linkin Park
    Black Black Heart - David Usher
    Is Anybody Home? - Our Lady Peace
    Young Cardinals - Alexisonfire
    Pipeline - Chantays
    The Boy Who Destroyed the World - AFI
    Thunderstruck - AC/DC
    It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over - Lenny Kravitz
    Here We Go - Templar {Canadian band}
    Clumsy - Our Lady Peace

    those were ten songs on the playlist
  6. poderuniverso
    Sirius xm now, hair nation and Ozzy BY.
  7. sportsandstuff777
    iron maiden
  8. jaganar
    lately its been the entire kreator discog ,and amon amarth ( being stuck in the suburbs since the legacy virus hit ive had to make sacrifices ie MAYHEM tour =/ )
  9. Granamyr's Helmet
    Granamyr's Helmet
    First 4 Children of Bodom albums, plus Tokyo Warhearts and Chaos Ridden Years
    Bodom After Midnight - Paint the Sky With Blood
    Testament - Practice What You Preach and Dark Roots of Thrash
    Ensiferum - Victory Songs
    Blind Guardian - Twist in the Myth
  10. vaderSW1
    The last few albums I've listened to:

    King's X "Black Like Sunday"
    Gojira "Fortitude"
    Plini "Impulse Voices"
    Claemus "Hedonist"
    Ghost Iris "Comatose"
    The Devil Wears Prada "ZII" EP
    In Mourning "Live at Z7"
    Kawn "Kawn"
    Katatonia "The Fall of Hearts"
    Dir en Grey "Oboro"
    The Mars Volta "Landscape Tantrums"
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