How does MOTU connect to METAL for you?

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  1. skeletom
    For me, the darker imagery of MOTU goes hand in hand with dark music. The whole sword and sorcery thing just compliments metal so well. I basically agree with what a lot of you have already posted. I was born in 1980. For some reason that seems to be about the best explanation I can come up with!
  2. HammerFall
    Absolutely, That's what I love most about the MOTU packaging it was very Heavy Metal type art work.
  3. eCollector
    Metalogan - "They used to have these mirrors that you could win at the carnival with the image over the mirror"

    hahaha I loved those!! I still have some... in fact I have one of MOTU with Roboto on it!
  4. Hy-Man
    Guess my story is pretty similiar to some we already got ot read...

    Having a brother 8 years my senior, I was subjected to Metal from an early age, which luckily coincided with my discovery of MotU in the mid- to later 80s (I think I remember getting my first figures at the age of 5 in '85). Amidst stuff like AC/DC, KISS and Mötley Crüe, which I primarily "liked" for their catchiness, there were also more "MotUesk" bands like Judas Priest, Helloween and most of all early Manowar in my brother's record collection, to which I often listened (or rather: to which he let me listen) while playing with my MotU-toys. I have especially vivid memories of listening to "Keeper of the Seven Keys" by Helloween during that time, but also "Into Glory Ride" or "Hail to England" by Manowar - hell, them dudes even LOOKED like MotU figures

    Later that connection between "Fantasy" in general and Metal only got solidified when I discovered awesome stuff like Hawkwind's Moorcock-inspired songs (and let's not forget "Masters of the Universe", even though of course it had nothing to do with He-Man, just like when Dio used it), wild bands like Cirith Ungol who took names right out of the Lord of the Rings, great artworks like those from Iron Maiden albums (and I always liked those artworks much more than the band) that fascinating "Heavy Metal" animation-movie with songs by BOC, Black Sabbath and others (plus the namesake comics). It just seemed to blend together effortlessly, like it was always meant to compliment each other.

    Nowadays, when I look at my MotU-collection, I often catch myself humming Manowar's "Gates of Valhalla" in the back of my head. It's still such a perfect musical backdrop for what MotU always was and still is to me - swords and sorcery, savagery and epicness, and just a bit of modern technology thrown into the mix.
  5. poderuniverso
    Part of the 80s era.that

    80s.era.only connection to me
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