The three towers -wip

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  1. smanomega
    So after what seems like a long hiatus I've begun work on the three towers the planning has pretty much been done for months but recent developments have me raring to go. Anyways, I found perfect FREE shells for 2 of the three towers CGST and SMT so with out further ado the pictures

    So far its pretty much a flower bucket from the grocery store with its lip cut off. A cardboard bottom taped on, and a hole cut out of it for the lower cave obviously a figure or two fits inside. After that an empty bucket of paster of paris ( more on this stuff later ) first is was taped into place later hot glued on top I have 3 inch gap of aluminum foil all the under coated detail is aluminum this will get covered in paper mache clay I keep building up the foil with small pieces and hot glue to get the basic shapes I want its quick and easy and saves on sculpting supplies

    This whole section was done in under 20 minutes its hard to see but there is actually rock formations in all of the foil

    more to come
  2. He-Dude
    Looks good.. looking forward to watching this get made.
  3. smanomega
    So the main part of rock sculpting is 85% done on snake mountain by this point. I use my fingers, a dollar store dragon sword, and wet brushes to smooth out paper mache clay over the tinfoil under lay
    next will come some touch ups to the stone, then sanding and shaving parts to finish the look. Then on to the snake wrap around sculpting including the still missing head

    untill then I need something else to need to make more paper mache clay so here's the first part of the castle grayskull tower

    again a flower bucket with a flat side, hole cut out for wooden gate to be made still. The tower parts are made of a cd holder tube and 2 plastic cups . the stairs are made of styro foam as is the little side thingy (so far)
  4. He-Dude
    Lookin great!
  5. EtherianChronicles
    Wow, love how that rock work looks, even just done like that. I'm getting ready to do something similar - is it just regular paper mache you are using?
  6. smanomega
    its actually called paper mache clay- google it there is a few videos and stuff on it basically its paper mache clay with dry wall putty added in works like a charm for rock work.

    here is SMT fully mached and clay snake started

    here is CGS tower started

    just for fun this is how cheap I am I reuse the boxes on customs
  7. smanomega
    So this is the last look at Castle grayskull tower before I show the finished project

    So the window treatments are going to be sculpy just to get more detail in them as is the roof on the hut side from here I need to finish the tower and the chain mech to lift the gate the hole is just under the front window under neath the gate holder is cardboard to fit the gate in snuggly so it can go up and down with little to no problem right now we will see what happens when I attach a chain to it and crank it up
  8. ThunDerian
    Looks FF´in AWESOME!!
  9. cobrakahn
    What type of clay do you use?
  10. smanomega
    The beige clay is super Sculpey I buy it off a website specifically for sculpey products it's usually half price compared to Craft stores like Micheal's the light green stuff is Paper mache clay basically paper mache with dry wall compound added in I found it off the web and have messed with it enough that I put my own spins on it The color to it is paint next batch will be grey I also beat the tar out of the towlet paper I use a mixer on it for about 20 minutes by itself.

    Currently sculpting snake scales to the SM tower ( god I hate sculpting snake scales) I've been at it for about 3 hours maybe longer and I'm only half way done mark out, cut in, remove, fix, repeat.
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