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  1. 13977
    Hey guys,
    We've talked about doing a UK meet-up in the past but nothing has ever come to fruition (usually because we weren't able to agree on a location) so lets see if we can finally make this happen.

    Lets get the ball rolling by posting where we all live, and where you would like to see a meet-up held, then we can work out the best area that suits the majority.

    Also feel free to post ideas for the meet-up, like just a pub or do we want a hotel room or something where we can watch episodes of the cartoon or film etc?

    I live in Nottinghamshire, and have good access to Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and London.
  2. byinfernoslight
    London, Manchester or Birmingham would be easiest for me.

    To increase the amount of people who go it might be worth holding it on the same day as another event such as one of the MCM events, London Film & Comic Con etc.
  3. paulioscorchio
    I'm in Greater Manchester so heading into the city would be ok for me. Would travel if necessary. London might be a bit of a stretch though!
  4. IrrepressibleDH
    I'll pop along if it's in London.
  5. ADPriceless
    Hi guys - I'm from Wolverhampton but work in Birmingham - I'd be happy to travel to an event in Bham, Nottingham, Manchester or London.
  6. Nianotreve
    I'm in Liverpool

    I often go to Manchester for work, also Birmingham and London are fine with me

  7. Fright Zone
    Fright Zone
    Another Londoner here
  8. Neil
    And I'm down in Canterbury.
    I guess London would be most convenient, although I have relatives up in Nottingham so I could make that happen as well.

    If we're going to meet up I think there should be some structure to the day: even if it's just organising to watch the cartoons, or visit an existing convention or expo. Otherwise, it boils down to six strangers sitting in a pub, which could be fun but might be a bit awkward.
  9. skeletorous
    Hi Uk Crew! Im in Taunton somerset so Bristol, London are great for me but could travel north.
  10. Nephilim
    Hi lads! I'm in London so that would be best for me, but given enough notice I could travel to any major city. It's just a case of booking time off work. Watching cartoons, some drinks and a few pizzas would be great. I read somewhere that Busta Toons was doing something too but nothing came of it obviously. Maybe we could reach out to him? Perhaps Eamon from the Gooble podcasts too? Sending this off my iPhone while on a train so if the message looks weird that's why lol.
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