how's everyones crop this year?

  1. stprime
    so how is the picking thus far? any elusive figs that haven't grabbed yet? who you looking to snatch up?

    i was able to get my rammy, thank god. i also got my strobo, but i had to turn around and trade him in order to get a king heman (don't even get me started on that one, touchy subject). i'll get strobo from powercon to replace my first one though.

    i've had two fangmans sold out from under me. but honestly i only really want his sword.

    i just really really hope that na heman and clamp champ has dos stock. maybe i need to find someone to sell me those now, jic....
  2. Mythew
    TEELA 1.0!! Holy Smokes. Everywhere I look she's $100+! She's the only one from the original 12 back that I don't have!
    I did get a really REALLY good deal on Tytus and Megator the other day tho.
  3. JoeyCruel
    After the Fang-Man battle I won another battle: a Spirit Of Hordak for one of my 2 holy grails: Scareglow.
    I subscribed without any doubt for the Filmation sub, there are only 6 figures, 2 of them were on my wishlist and we'll see the other three figures, if I will not need 'em I'll sell 'em.
    They will be pretty rare so it will be pretty easy or I'll use one of them for Strobo!
    The crop of this year so far: Ram-Man, Jitsu, Fang-Man, Spirit Of Hordak, Fighting Foe Men (only 47$ includin' the shipment), Octavia, Zodak, Catra, Scareglow and Zodac TRU.
    Next battle: Strobo.
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