Twins of Power UK He-Man, Masters Of The Universe & She-Ra, Princess of Power show

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  1. davetree

    Hi there,

    as recommended, here is a dedicated thread to Twins Of Power, the UK He-Man, Masters Of The Universe & She-Ra, Princess of Power show.

    Coming your way on October 12th & 13th at Southampton's largest hotel, The Jurys Inn, as part of the Roll Out Roll Call, our sister Transformers, G.I. Joe & Action Force show for gallery of last years show at the same venue, head here:

    Southampton has plenty of public transport options, the venue is less than 5 minute walk from the train station and there is the airport and ferry terminals for anyone travelling from further a field.

    For those on Facebook, please 'like' our dedicated page and help spread the word to other UK, European fans: and there is also a dedicated Twitter page too:

    We are open to suggestions and feedback, but please do bear in mind that this is a show run by fans, which does mean there is a limit to what is achievable, but I hope you may like what we have been able to do so far:

    Twins Of Power Special Guests:


    Details such as prices and quantities will be announced closer to the show.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any thoughts or questions, I hope this may be of interest to all and hope to see as many of you there
    Tickets will be available soon through our store All The Cool Stuff

    All the best,
  2. 13977
    Thanks for posting this thread mate.
    Wow your getting Strobo! Now I'm really going to try and make this even though its a long way for me! Looking forward to finding out more details on Strobo, like if we can reserve/preorder him etc

    I really think this is main page news worthy, anyone can post a story on the main page and it then gets approved. You should post it mate
  3. skeletorous
    Defenatley gonna try and make this one for sure. Be traveling from Taunton UK so if anyone is going from local areas let me know!
  4. Fright Zone
    Fright Zone
    I've only just seen this as I was looking for something on my profile and saw this group which I'd forgotten about and clicked on it.
    This needs more exposure! Has it even been posted in the UK thread in the forums? If so I didn't see it.
  5. 13977
    Yeah I posted it in the MOTUC UK thread just a few days ago but I agree it needs more exposure, as I said above this needs to be on the Org Main Page news!

    Really going to try and make this. Anybody from my neck of the woods interested in maybe doing a car share so we can split the petrol costs?
  6. Battle Cat's Buddy
    Battle Cat's Buddy
    This looks awesome. I can't make it. Wish I could. Got a big work thing on - a fun work thing, not anything I'd like to miss.... but I would like to split myself in two so I could do both! Anyone who goes to this will clearly have an amazing time
  7. davetree
    Thanks for all the positive comments guys, any help in raising the awareness is massively appreciated
  8. Ravenskarr
    Hi, just wondering when the tickets for Twins of Power Con will become available. I'd love to attend.
  9. skeletorous
    Yea when and where can we get tickets and have u thought of giving any bonus items for Org.ers? Like the Skeletor power sword that was given out at SDCC ?
  10. super-munkyboy
    I need to try and make this!!! As long as nothing horrific occurs
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