Welcome, Warriors!

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  1. amehler
    Please feel free to post about anything He-Man, as well as our shared bond as Service members! Hope we can keep this group active, growing, and fun! We have the Power!
  2. Fitz
    Glad to join; I fit both categories!

    And I have even been a genuine palace guardsman....
  3. Forester
    I was an officer in the Royal Green Jackets (Rifle Brigade) in the Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve.
    Our RHQ was at Winchester.

    I enjoyed my time in uniform and would have liked to stay longer, but my career in the law was too demanding in the end to do both.
    I saw action in two campaigns and made a lot of friends, and we are all still in touch.

    Good to see this group forming up.

    (And thanks for the heads up, Fitz!)
  4. amehler
    Awesome! Sounds like you both had interesting careers in service! Much love for my UK Brothers.
  5. Zodak's new shoes
    Zodak's new shoes
    I was U.S. Navy boots on the ground on the horn. It was there I started buying classics on Ebay. And did not get them until I was home.
  6. amehler
    Nice! The internet is a good thing when deployed!
  7. Fitz

    Here's a shot of the St. Patrick's Day Parade last March 17th. 1st Bn. Irish Guards.

    It shows HRH the Duchess of Cambridge (who is the Colonel's Lady) presenting the Shamrock to the Regimental Mascot, Brian Boru - an Irish Wolfhound.
  8. amehler
    That's a great pic! Thanks for sharing!!
  9. star480s
    Hi, I am a retired Navy Petty Officer who had collected He-man since its start in the 80's. I only stopped collecting after I joined the navy, but still have most of my old collection from 20+ years ago.
  10. PlatinumFist
    Glad to have you on board star480s. I'm close to retirement soon too!
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