Upcoming METAL to start off autumn 2014 right!

  1. Scott
    Just a reminder that the next few weeks are going to be a good times for new and much anticipated metal releases by:
    Arcane (actually an old compendium re-release on Divebomb Records of this great old prog thrash band)
    At The Gates
    Azrael (little known Florida thrash)
    Beyond Creation
    Erotikill (re-release of this little known thrash/speed disc on Divebomb)
    Rings of Saturn
    Sanctuary (Yes, if you don't already know, THE Sanctuary is back!)
    Scar Symmetry
  2. Hachiman
    I'm cautiously optimistic of the new At The Gates album. I *hate* comeback albums that suck, but Carcass' last one rocked. So hopefully it'll be good!
  3. Scott
    From what I've heard ATG sounds good, but not mindblowing. I found myself drifting off towards the end of one tune, but we'll see how the entire thing pans out. I'm more excited for Sanctuary, the new Exodus, and Beyond Creation and Rings of Saturn should be technically ridiculous and involving to listen to.

    Oh, Katatonia's Last Fair Day Gone Night live set finally is available on cd too.
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