Ohio get-together?

  1. JVS3
    Has anyone tried to organize one recently? :-)

    I'm no longer in Kentucky and in Columbus, Ohio for the foreseeable future. I thought it would be fun to organize something.
    Any ideas?
  2. baileyrecords
    Sounds great. I remember the fun we had last time at Schmidts in German Village. Count me in!
  3. SkeletorsTacoStand
    I'm in Cbus, always down for motu related shenannigins.
  4. JVS3
    Cool! Who else we got on board? I may have to PM some of the group users who may not notices turned on for the group.
  5. Swift Wind
    Swift Wind
    I'm in! But I'm always in for a get together. The last one with Pizza and Bowling was fun.
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