MotUC Fans

  1. Evil Ed
    Evil Ed
    Well, the amazing Beast-Man figure got me in now! I know I hadn't been too keen on the thought of collecting into a new toyline, but the Four Horsemen again got me excited!! I'm now sure I will collect MotUC. Man! I LOVE that Beast-Man figure!!

  2. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    Im just so stoked about this new toyline. I can't wait for my two Greyskull's to arrive in the mail already.
  3. AGE
    lovin the new toy line as well!! should be a great line.. can't wait for Oct 31..
  4. Voice_Guy
    I did not attend SSCC this year, but I did see plenty of photos and viedos of the panel and King Grayskull figure. I am 50/50 on this. I like the idea of a classics line, I am all for that. I just wish that they were more like a re-vamed version of the originals. Meaning more detail, better packaging but same over-all look and size. I miss the action punch feature the old line had. I really miss battle damage versions of the figures.

    I have high hopes that this will be a great line. My only two complains were both with the King figure.. first was that the joints are highly visible. It would have been really nice had they made it less obvious. Also the exclussive should have been classic He-Man not King Grayskull. Okay, I am finished with my ranting.
  5. Brian Ozone
    Brian Ozone
    I got one of each version. The joints on my regular was very loose. My bronze will stay in the packaging. I actually just bought a second regular KG. Im gonna keep him MIB. And Im gonna take the cape off my loose KG. Im not such a big fan of sculpted cape. But the figure iss really really cool.
  6. Uki
    I cannot wait to get my King Grayskull (Original Recipe) in the mail. After a minor mishap regarding an out-of-date address, I should have him in a few days. This line has me stoked!
    I did finally get my KG, and he's awesome, too! I love my HM and BeastMan also. Can't wait for Skeletor!
  7. capitalzero
    I've got a Bronze KG, I'm waiting for Hordak, and I'm biting my nails in anticipation for the SDCC announcements (fingers crossed for a 200X He-Man!).

    can't wait to see what the future holds for all eras of fans with this line!
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