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  1. PaTrIcKfOgArTy
    Thought it would be cool for us in Maine to have a place here! Where in Maine do you live? Bangor for me
  2. IceWolf
    Awesome idea! Are there many of us? lol Im in Bangor too! Pat and I used to hang out! Ah fun times!
  3. PaTrIcKfOgArTy
    Hey! Not sure how many of us there actually are but it's cool non the less, lol. I sent a request to Blue, hopefully he'll join us
  4. Blast Attack!
    Blast Attack!
    I don't know how I missed this group. Anyways, I'm from auburn. It's cool to see some fellow fans from Maine!
  5. Scotward
    Hey hey, looks like this group may have run out of steam, but I thought I should stop in and say hi. I'm on my way up there! I'll be a Maininite... Mainer... Mainiac... whatever the right word is... as of Sunday night!
  6. mikethedrummer
    Ok, Scotward, where you located?
  7. Scotward
    Hey mike! Staying in Farmington at the moment, working on getting to Portland.
  8. IceWolf
    anyone found motuc at biglots? bangor had some.
  9. Scotward
    Nothing in Augusta or Farmington
  10. Captain Lhurgoyf
    Captain Lhurgoyf
    Scot, you're in Farmington? That's where I'm going to college. Nice!
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