Masters Cast

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  1. Voice_Guy
    I can't believe it's been for almost four years. Thanks Jon, Katy, Josh and so many others for making Masters Cast. I used to download the episodes and listen to them while at work. They made my nights go so much faster. I can't wait to hear episode 32 next.
  2. TheShadow
    Hey thanks! We do apologize for the bit of a non-structured episode schedule we've been keeping lately. There should be a new episode up next week with our usual fun and a surprise or two.
  3. HordakQuack
    I'm hoping for the return of someone....
  4. Voice_Guy
    Masters Cast will always be awesome no matter whom is on it, but it would indeed be nice to hear Josh again. No need to apologize for the non-structuredness of the episode schedule. I know how busy all of you are especially with Katy's wedding; By the way congrats Katy! I wonder all of Rainbow land took the news now that they have to share their Rainbow Brite.
  5. TheShadow
    Good friends, episode #32 is finally up. Phew!
  6. Dr.Tod
    It is/was a pleasure to hear Lioncouts voice back on MastersCast ep 32 - I can't even remember the last episode he was on before.
    Hearing the name "Hailie" instead of "Cartee" was a bit unfamilar - but I'm sure I will get accustomed to this change soon

    To all the fantastic host:
    Please continue your superb work on MastersCast.

    I still can't wait to listen to next one.
  7. the_ultimate_evil
    on the subject of the dvd cover that was talked about on the last cast

    I made a fan one using the original poster, and a new design for the back, now if anyone has seen my art it's not anything big but i can send it to anyone who wants it
  8. Manelick
    Hi im here to show the world that Masters of the Univers are the best toy's ever.
    i could get it all and is not enaugh Bwahahahaha.
  9. TrimmTrabb
    Hi John,
    What's the word on 33?
  10. TheShadow
    33 is an idea that has not yet been fulfilled...

    Sorry, I know, we are dragging our feet!
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