Joint venture - merging groups.

  1. Ulisses31
    I think that it would work if we merge the Only Vintage no MYP group with the MOTU CLASSIC FANS! group in one big family by transferring the members, discussions and pictures from both to a new one named for example:

    Vintage MOTU World - The Original Classics

    Let me know your opinions... if we all agree we could ask the moderators to do that.
  2. lofftap
    WOW! Great idea! In fact I was thinking the same thing the other night. My wife even mention it to me, so I guess that's a green light for me. Right on! Your title Vintage MOTU World - The Original Classics is even better! So, let's go for it! Shall you talk to the moderators or I? I will be leaving for most of the day, so if you get around to it then go for it... I think I remember a icon button that said something about joining groups together? Not sure... but I think it might be really easy... anyways, let me know your progress if you get around to doing it before I do... I'll be hiding out for the day but I will reconnect later my time... Have a great day! Talk to you soon!
  3. Ulisses31
    I can speck with JVS3 or Emiliano, but we have to decide 1st who will be the moderator in the new group... do you want to be the starter of the new merged group? Your group is older, so I think you should reclaim the idea.
  4. lofftap
    Sounds good! I will be happy to be the moderator, but I hope you still take over a lot of the creative side of things! You have such great ideas and I wouldn't want you to stop with all that because your not the moderator. But, yeah. This group has been around for awhile now and has been a part of me forever now it seems, so thanks for giving me the moderator position, but please do all your great work still and ideas to the table! I want everyone to know your the GURU of great skills! I'm a artist myself, so I promise to do my share as well! Anyways, let me know what you think!
  5. Ulisses31
    Letīs see how our friends in the group take it... they have a word in all this too.

    If there are no negative positions about it until 15 September (everyone will be back from vacations until then) we will go with it.
  6. kbob25
    Sounds like a good plan you guys.
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