Proudly South African MotU Fans!

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  1. HordeMonkey
    Sweet! We have a group now?

    I like how you used the phrase "in the dark". Load shedding and all that, lol.
  2. oICEMANo
    Lol well that can be read in any number of ways I guess...
    SO, How are we Saffas gonna get these MotUC figs eh??
  3. Cheshire Moon
    Cheshire Moon
    Ooh look a Facebook type wall thing... hmmm the figures, I hunger...
  4. Stampede
    Sorry about the delay in joining, been away from the forums for a bit. Proudly a member now!
  5. Psycon
    Same here.
  6. Neal1972
    Howzit guys...nice to meet you.
  7. Gerrit127
    Hey guys!

    Nice to see there is people from SA here ... thought I was alone for some time!

    Tell me do any of you buy Classics ? PM me...
  8. oICEMANo
    Pretty quiet in here... lol
  9. Rippedgeek
    Ahh... been almost a year since anyone posted here... has the Internet gone dark in SA? Has Telkom finally committed hari-kiri? (One can only hope...)
  10. quinnie
    So good to see there are other loyal (South African) fans too!
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