Proudly South African MotU Fans!

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  1. oICEMANo
    Another member from SA has joined! Get your butt in here Benzie!!
  2. BFTU
    Howzit, howzit! South African living in Vancouver, Canada! - Man, there is a lot of cool Toy fairs and comic cons here, I got a great lot of the Vintage stuff and some of the 200x series. as a bundle at the retro and relevant show. also a lot of vintage figures pop up at thrift stores. Found a battle cat at Value Village (cash converters type store) How are you all doing back home?
    Ooh how exciting . I never joined a social club within a forum before. I was born in Grahamstown , moved to Bloemfontain and now i am stuck in Windhoek Namibia . Nice thing about Namibia regarding MOTU was the toys took forever to truly become extinct which suited me just fine . Heck about 10 years ago they had a few Heman and Blackstar toons running on TV ONE Africa . Even a Mural with Heman that i can kick myself for not taking a Photo.
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