Hey MOTU CLASSIC FANS! What you think about merging with Only Vintage no MYP group?

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  1. lofftap
    Ulisses31 and I want to merge both groups together as one and want your opinions and ideas!

    Thanks everyone!

  2. kelddorr
    sure im game
  3. AGE
    by the way.. thanks for the add

    which ever.. my friend i'm game as well.

  4. Midwinter
    But I like both of the social group pictures... Make me feel special that I am in two groups...
  5. Ulisses31
    I will make a picture that you will be proud to have in your profile

    Just to who have not read it... no mod have replied...

    Is possible to merge or transfer content trough forum groups?
  6. Ulisses31
    I have found that the Modīs donīt want to help in this so we have to figure a new way to do it...
  7. Ulisses31
    I think we should open a new group and invite everyone and manually transfer the pictures and significant info to the new one.
  8. lofftap
    I was thinking the same thing... maybe just start a new one together... Can that work though?
  9. Ulisses31
  10. Ulisses31
    I have renamed the only vintage group... to Vintage MOTU World, if you want, as the MOTU CLASSIC FANS group have less discussions and members we could just transfer all of them to the Vintage MOTU World and rename it to the name we have agreed before and change the logo. Then I transfer the group to you and we transfer the group to each other from 2 to 2 months, so I keep it 6 months and you other 6 months... what you think?
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