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  1. Ulisses31
    Here are Emiliano answers to all the questions! Thanks again Emiliano

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulisses31
    Will you really do a future story?
    Honestly I don't see that happening any time soon.
    Doing comics takes just too much time, and I will never have enough time off to work on a entire story,
    But I'll be happy to discuss concepts behind Homecoming on the forum if fans ask :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Snake Hunter
    With the MOTUC figures released, have you make some artwork based on this line? IŽd love to see a classic poster with MOTUC figures drawn by Emiliano.
    The only thing I did is a Faker for JimmyPSHayes's store and, him, that He-Man sketch I posted in the fan art forum. That was inspired by the figure (I had seen it while I was working on the DVD), I wanted to tease fans a bit ;-)

    Quote Originally Posted by triklops1
    Would you be interested in working for motuc mini comics?
    If they wold offer them to me, they'd be the only comic project I'd be interested in at the moment. Unfortunately this won't happen...

    Quote Originally Posted by Keldor/Skeletor73
    Hello Emiliano. I know you're working for Hasbro now, can we hope to see any Santalucia Star Wars artwork coming out soon? Back to MOTUC: what's your fave release up to date?
    Well, I don't do any kind of artwork that you may see. I do toy design and most of time it's concept art.
    Meaning that my job is to visualize ideas for the designer teams and the management. Most of the time, the final product will look completely different from what I did.
    But in the future they may use me to do some final design too.
    I did something on Star Wars, we'll see if the product will be released!
    About MOTUC, Every new figure impressed me more than the last one.
    Teela is really cool, but I reserve my judgment until I have Battle Cat in hands or I see She-Ra!

    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyPSHayes
    Given the things that happened between MV and Mattel, would you ever work for them again if the chance arose? Anything that you're doing comic book wise coming up?
    If they asked me, I would. I have some experience as toy designer now and Hasbro is really happy with my job. That should encourage Mattel even more at using me, since my heart will always be with MOTU.
    Unfortunately Mattel works differently from Hasbro.
    Hasbro has this awesome vendor system for freelances like me, while Mattel told us they won't use any external contractors anymore.

    As for comics, I had to pass on a couple of IDW books recently... what can I say? Toys pays better! :-D

    Quote Originally Posted by Ulisses31
    Do you have a compressive list of all your published works (all), that a fan could buy?
    Wow, no, nto that I can think of.
    To quickly sum up comics, aside from MOTU, there should be G.I.Joe vs Transformers #2 by Devil's Due, G.I.Joe #38, #41 and #42
    Snake Eyes Declassified miniseries (except issue 3)
    Recently: Transformers Spootlight Blaster, TF All Hail Megatron #9, #10 and #13 (but please check, I'm not sure)
    Then I did a cover for a TF Armada children book, a TF movie children book and , uh, something else I'm forgetting.

    Hope you enjoyed the answers!
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