Bergensbanen. Bergen-Oslo

  1. Squid
    Does anybody know if NRK are planning on releasing the gorgeous 7 hour long documentary of the train ride from Bergen to Oslo.
    I will not download it, as it is simply too long.
    A lot of ppl on youtube ask the same question, so I guess it would sell.
  2. Soulgem
    A dvd release, you mean? I know it's possible to see it on
  3. Squid
    Oops, yes, a DVD release.
    I know I can see it at their page,
    but I need to download it first,
    and I do not want to do that.
    I would love to see it on my flatscreen TV!
  4. Soulgem
  5. Squid
    OH MY GOD ... you are my hero!
    Hallelujah, that DVD is mine..!

    I burde alle kÝbe den, den er fantastisk!
  6. Soulgem
    Yeah, who doesn't like trains?
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