DCU/MOTUC 2-packs in Scandinavia?

  1. Marwarscreator
    So what are the chances for the Tous'R'Us exclusive DCU/MOTUC Superman/He-Man and Luthor/Skeletor 2-packs will find their way to the scandinavian shelves in April?

    I just asked my local (and only) Fætter BR if it would be possible to order the 2-packs via TopToy (TopToy is the wholesaler for Toys'R'Us and Fætter BR in Scandinavia).
    The answer: Maybe - come back in April and ask again...

    I got the item-number from one of the popculturenetwork.com videos:
    Skn # 4223333

    To have someone from the states to buy and ship is OK, but be able to get it in a local store would be great
  2. Tulhu
    It would be great to find these on the shelves here up north, but so far Toys'R'us haven't had any exclusive from any company here in Finland. At least not any that I know of.

    Maybe we should start bestering them right away about them.
  3. Marwarscreator
    And so the hunt begins... in the US

    I asked Fætter BR again and sometime next week there'll be an answer whether or not it's possible to get the 2-packs...
  4. Marwarscreator

    It's not possible to order an American TRU-item through an Scandinavian TRU

  5. Sabretooth
    That is really bad , I think that Skeletor in one of those 2-packs is an interesting repaint. I will go (when I have a bit of time - I am quite busy now ...) and try to ask in TRU here in Denmark whether it is possible to order this from TRU US.
  6. Marwarscreator


    1) While it's great to see MotU on retail again with the TRU 2-Packs, international collectors are pretty much left out and reseller prices are climbing up already.
    Would there be any way for at least the "TRU" He-Man and Skeletor figures being offered on MattyCollector at a later time?
    Maybe as a 2-pack on their own or some kind of special offer?

    We understand a lot of international fans are interested in this pack, and they will be available internationally at Toys R Us locations, not just in the US.
  7. Sabretooth
    Ya Ya Ya!!!
    Thanks for posting the news!!
  8. brutal81
    Has anybody seen these in scandinavia?
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