I spy He-man stuff around NYC!

  1. Patreek
    This is the place to post where you have found he-man stuff. That way if you find something someone needs they know where to go.

    I'll start off! Today I found this place in queens in astoria off Steinway that had 3 MOTUC Beastmans!
  2. Ivan
    What is this place? Please, tell me!

    I know you posted this in februaury, but since I live there, I might go check it out every now and then...

    Also, Forbidden Planet has quite a few stactions, and they actually keep getting new ones. Recently they got Grizzlor which they didn't have before. Apart from him, they also have Clamp Champ, Rattlor and Mantenna if I remember correctly
  3. Patreek
    Its just a few blocks from my house in Astoria. There is also a little place in the Village I found some stuff at... Toys something... can't remember the addy but if you want I can take you there lol.
  4. SkeleGreg
    Anyone come across any of the DC/MOTUC two pack (Skelly, Luthor; He-Man, Supes)?
  5. Lazer Force Zodac
    Lazer Force Zodac
    not yet, but i'll be checking next week
  6. SkeleGreg
    Two packs are at TRU in times square. My brother picked up 2 sets on Wednesday, and I grabbed one today at about 5:15. There were quite a few left, so go get 'em!!
  7. Lazer Force Zodac
    Lazer Force Zodac
    Has wave 2 of the two packs hit nyc yet
  8. Patreek
    I'd like to know this as well.
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