Masters Cast

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  1. Poody
    Oh the awesomeness. I need to check for the newest podcast.
  2. TheShadow
    A new Masters Cast? Say what? Say what? Freaky freaky fresh.

    Episode 33 is up on the website, iTunes to follow.

    I hope you enjoy our odd sense of hilarity and humor as we enter 2009.
  3. __roboto__
    Great job on episode 35 covering SDCC. Glad Josh was there to give insight to us fans who were unable to be there. He has great will power not to have taken Battle Cat's front right paw.

    Any plans on returning voice mails back to Masterscast?
  4. TheShadow
    We definitely want to bring the voice mails back
  5. Replikor
    I had an idea that I wanted to post for your show.
    What about trying out a Voicemail Q&A session with fans? Ppl could send in questions an you guys could answer them on the show?
  6. TheShadow
    I always forget about groups!

    @Replikor -- I like that idea!

    Episode 45 is up at
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