Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

  1. JoeyCruel
    This is the first post about our favorites band...
    Just open a thread with the name of the band then throw in everythin' you want, a video, a review, your memory about the band... everythin' you want about the band!
    This is one of my favorite song from D.R.I. : The Five Year Plan from their third album, Crossover (1987).
    Enjoy it!
  2. Scott
    The only one I had back in the day from them was Thrash Zone, so that's kind of my preference. They weren't in my top faves back then, but I like them more now.

  3. Metalogan
    Actually I saw them in Austin a few month's back. One of my bandmates has another band " The Monk" and opened for them! gotta love DRI
    Love Beneath the wheel!!
  5. JoeyCruel
    "They weren't in my top faves back then"
    So you lived the Metal Golden Years? The heyday of Metal?
    Was you so lucky?
    Thrash Zone is a masterpiece!
  6. Scott
    Well dude, I guess I'm kinda getting old. I do consider myself incredibly lucky to have been influenced by this era. I was in high school, learning to play guitar, gaining a life long love of thrash. Before then, it was a lot of Kiss, Black Sabbath, Maiden, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot, etc. I started early. In fact, I'll tell ya how early in a new post! But I think Testament was the band that really changed the game for me. Like I said somewhere else, I listen to a lot of other newer metal, but I always come back to my favorites.
  7. Hachiman
    DRI is a great band! A friend of mine passed away a few weeks back and actually requested to be buried in a DRI shirt!
  8. poderuniverso
    Yeah testament, saw them on the BS tour and ... can't remember but for the tour when opening for maiden FOD tour.met them prior to show, Chuck came riding in Harley. Besides MF , AS is my second favorife guitarist.
  9. poderuniverso
    Liked a bit of DRi, not to much fan. From the glam stuff I liked warrant, yeah those dudes. Never liked def Leppard or poison. Gnr was totally rnr, totally new.but stopped listening after adlers dismissal .
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