How does MOTU connect to METAL for you?

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  1. Scott
    Ok, here's where I show how freakin' old I am. I was curious if anyone had stories about how Masters of the Universe connects to their love of metal? As for me...

    My affection for the two started around the same time really. When I was a wee lad, my sister's boyfriend and a cousin gave me some albums and 8 tracks. It was stuff by Kiss, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, and Quiet Riot. I had all my MOTU toys in the basement and my Dad's record player with these big old cabinet speakers was also down there. I would listen to the album that came with Point Dread on it and play with my He-Man stuff. Well, I started playing those metal albums too. The music immediately spoke to me. Something about the grandness, darkness, and power of rock just seemed to fit so well with the expansive fantasy realm of 1980's toys. I was rocking out to God of Thunder and Iron Man, while creating battles between Eternian forces. Of course if you go back and listen to most 80's cartoon theme songs, there's a fair bit of guitar rock and metal in them, so it blends there too. It doesn't seem like anyone really thought about it back then! Anyway, I'm still listening to metal, and now collecting MOTU Classics instead of the original vintage toys! Anyone else wanna share?
  2. JoeyCruel
    Truly outrageous!
    Sadly I discovered the Heavy Metal and the Hard Rock only in 1996, and those were bad times... the Grunge had already done a lot of damage and all my MOTU collection was in the cellar since 1991.
    Since my love for MOTU never disappeared, it was only on hiatus, when I discovered the song Masters Of The Universe by Hawkind I immediately related it to my beloved toys and now I created a character for MOTUC with a lot of Metal references.
    And I can't stop to relate songs and bands to MOTUC characters, as you can see by the pictures of this group because MOTUC are so Heavy Metal!
    Another thing that I want to add is that I'm an '80s maniac, all the things that I adore and worship are from that stunnin' era, and as MOTU lover I know that also '80s toys are the best!
    I miss those times so hard...
  3. Metalogan
    Well I would say there was alot of metal , sword n sorcery, he-man, and scifi in my life when I was a kid in the 80s. So bands like Dio, Iron Maiden, Manowar made alot of sense to me. I remember the Iron Maiden band picture on the Piece of Mind album where they are sitting on an old dinner table with brains as the main dish with a couple of knights in the background. I totally got that " snake mountain" dungeon vibe. It was eery, scary and very cool !
  4. Scott
    Piece of Mind is such a brilliant album. Number of the Beast gets a lot of attention, but I think PoM is the better one as far as vintage Maiden goes. I was 'into' Maiden before I'd ever even heard them! I used to see the posters and shirt in the mall when I was really little and just loved the artwork and how cool Eddie looked. I'm not sure at that age if I even knew they were a band or what! I finally saw the albums somewhere and realized.
  5. JoeyCruel
    It was the same to me, when I was a child I believed that Iron Maiden and Guns N' Roses were a design brand, 'coz they were on posters. t-shirts and everythin' else... Only in 1995 I realized that they are bands! Ah! Ah! Ah!
    However I can't choose between Maiden '80s albums, I love 'em so much! Then after Seventh Of Seventh son I can show you some gray degrees!
  6. Metalogan
    Everything between Number and 7th son is the peak of Maiden. No other band can touch that. Yeah I remember when I was about 5 years old I got a Piece of Mind album and started collecting anything that was "eddie" at carnivals and other amusement parks. They used to have these mirrors that you could win at the carnival with the image over the mirror . I had a "Stranger in a Strangeland " one that survived for man years. What I miss most are the door posters.
  7. Scott
    Loved the door posters. I wish I had the Stranger in a Strange Land one I used to drool over when I was a kid. I had an Ozzy version of one of those mirrors. Don't see those much anymore either.
  8. sportsandstuff777
    I too am a big fan of Metal and MOTU I had a lot of the toys and would listen to Yngwie, Dokken, Dio, Ratt, Ozzy, Rainbow, King Diamond, Iron Maiden
  9. psy_coma77
    Dio even uses the phrase "Masters of the Universe" in the songs, "Here's to You" and "Master of the Moon"
  10. HammerFall
    I got into Heavy Metal in 1987 so my collection was gone by then,but I still loved the artwork from the MOTU packaging.
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