Slayer Guitarist Jeff hanneman dies at age 49

  1. adam03
    A very sad day for Metal, RIP Jeff and RIP Slayer!!
  2. HammerFall
    Wow that's sad news he was only 49 may he rest in peace.
  3. JoeyCruel
    I am angry as hell... it's unbelievable...
  4. eCollector
    Yea, that's really a shame... Reign in Blood forever, Jeff!~
  5. skeletom
    Yeah, really sad news! He wrote some of the best Slayer songs, too. I think his contribution to the metal world has been highly underrated. R.I.P.
  6. adam03
    I`m devasted my favorite band in the world is most likely gonna be put to rest with Jeff, Horns up!! I`m drunk and had Slayer cranked all day. My tribute to the man!!
  7. JoeyCruel
    I'm devasted too... Slayer are one of the band of my life... I just can't take rest and I can't play Slayer songs because they remind me of him... and I become sadder than before... :-(
  8. skeletom
    I wouldn't worry about them not keeping Slayer going. Kerry King was already talking about the possibility of continuing with Gary Holt from Exodus taking Jeff's place if he didn't come back for whatever reason. Not sure if it'll be the same, though. I'm guessing that the next album will be all Kerry King riffs. Won't be the same without Jeff Hanneman and the possibility that Dave Lombardo won't be back because of a financial dispute...
  9. Fendi
    Nop, Two of the founding member are not in the band anymore, it's going to be incomplete and probably the people won't join the gig either.
  10. poderuniverso
    Rio the whole band bow. Remember them on the clash of the titans.tour. metalli what?
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