Manchester Comic Con 20th July 2013

  1. Nianotreve
    Ok, as discussed in the other thread

    I'm travelling over to Manchester on Friday afternoon (19th), at the moment I plan to be in hotel bar (precise one decided nearer the time) watching the SDCC reveals on my laptop in the evening, I believe previous Matty panel reveals started around 9pm our time. Anyone interested in joining me is welcome.

    As for Saturday, I'll be heading over to MCC with my 14year old nephew and then I'm thinking dinner and drinks for the evening.


  2. Dagar
    ADPriceless and I are planning on going, will see what the day holds for both of us after visiting the Birmingham Memorabilia previously. We'll be up for the fan gathering too as well as at Roll Out Roll Call 4/Twins of Power.
  3. zatoichi
    I still need to book the day off work but am looking forward to going, probably going for a few drinks afterwards.
  4. zatoichi
    Got the day off work, will be taking my son and daughter and my brother is joining us. Hope to meet anyone from here that attends, should be a good afternoon.
  5. byinfernoslight
    Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to make it. There are a load of trips I've got to make in the next few weeks and can't afford the travel cost for all of them. Sadly MCC is the least important of them so the first to be ruled out.
  6. Raziel443
    Just bought early access ticket, should be good
  7. Battle Cat's Buddy
    Battle Cat's Buddy
    I've never been to one of these before. They do it every year, right? Is there usually much MOTU stuff there?
  8. Nianotreve
    i've not been before either - but i doubt there will be any MOTUC on displays, maybe a reseller or 2 - probably more Spider/Super/Bat men themed and independent stuff.

    Anyone interested in meeting up for a MOTUC related chat during the Con or for a beer/food afterwards PM me - wont be a late one as I'll be with my 14year old nephew and will have to get him home Sat night

  9. Battle Cat's Buddy
    Battle Cat's Buddy
    A MOTU related meet up does sound cool. Need to check my diary see if I'm even around that weekend. Hope so!
  10. Nianotreve

    200x Sword
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