Final Piece to my Evolution of He-Man Collection

  1. IrisOfOrko
    Ive been searching for the last He-Man of the original MOTU line. 1988 Lazer Power He-Man was release in the UK but not the us. Is it a common figure like the flying fist He-Man was in the US or rare and hard to find? I would like to Land a carded one soon. Any incite would be great.
  2. byinfernoslight
    Actually I don't think that figure was released in the UK - I thought it was only available in Italy (and maybe Spain?). It's definitely no easier to get hold of here in the UK now than in the US.
  3. IrisOfOrko
    I talked to a guy at a show over here and he assured me thats where they came from. Im starting to wish I never even pick up some of the new figures. The articulation and design are amazing and they stayed pretty true to the original characters. Im hooked but the old school ones I had when I was a kid are what I want now. Are there any UK exclusives from the 80's?
  4. Nianotreve
    Hi, it was released in the UK, my mother bought me one from Hamleys in London for Christmas (I think '88) - I actually disliked it, due to the bulky armour (battery pack) and armour colours, so it spent most of it's time at the bottom of my toy box being ignored in my MOTU adventures. I eventually sold it as junk at a car boot sale around '95 for 1 !! I had no idea of it's value until I discovered this site during the 200x era
  5. 13977
    Wow I didn't know the Lazer Power figures were released in the UK either, I bet they were very limited distribution being the tale end of the line. I don't remember ever seeing them in the shops or advertised in the UK magazine. Learn something new everyday
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