Us army

  1. amehler
    U.S. Army here, part of the Army National Guard. Where are all the military guys??
  2. PlatinumFist
    US Marine Corps here, 17 years.
  3. amehler
    Excellent, PlatinumFist...and may I say, I love that name! Great to see people start to join the group! This can be our place to discuss our deployments, our goofy military stories, and relate our Warrior Ethos to our big man, He-Man!

    I've been in the PA Army National Guard for 17 years, deployed to Iraq in 2009. Looking to ETS in 3 when I hit my 20 year mark. My fulltime job is also tied to the military, we are sort of a hybrid and I am also a military technician for the federal government fulltime. That job is tied to my remaining in the Guard.

    Nice to have you here, Brother!
  4. PlatinumFist
    Cool man, glad to hear there are more of us on here. I'm a Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps, currently stationed in California. Been to Iraq as well and looking to retire soon!
  5. amehler
    Awesome! I was an E-6/Staff Sergeant then actually admin-busted myself down to an E-5/SGT to fill an E5 slot in my current unit. I needed a change and the leadership in my last unit was lacking. Thought I'd get my rocker back by now, but no worry, I'll retire with E-6 pay anyway.

    Glad you are here. I just joined this forum a few days ago after rediscovering He-Man on Youtube and was blown away by the awesome illustration of the 200x MYP cartoon...not the He-Man I remembered from the 80s!

    ! I just started my He-Man collection since I got instantly hooked on the new cartoon and here I am on the forum lol.

    Hope we can keep the group active and fun!
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