2002 MYP Cartoon

  1. amehler
    My DVD of the entire 2002 MYP cartoon arrived today!! Surprised it came on a Sunday, but glad it did.

    I watched the first 3 mini-movies parts of The Beginning. Fun stuff...takes me back for sure. My only memories of the He-Man cartoons were of the original 80s series, so this will be a treat!

  2. Fitz
    Good man! I'm sure that you will enjoy them - they have a lot to recommend them in every way.
  3. amehler
    I began watching the DVD and when I got to disc 3, episode 21 "Snake Pit", it must have been the start of the second season. The animation style looks improved, and when He-Man transforms with the sword, you see the updated transformation which shows his arms growing larger and the emblem appear on his chest as his body grows. The transformation sequence is much cooler! Overall the quality of the animation seems to be improved from episode 21 on.
  4. Forester
    Yes, I think that's right. It does improve - not that it was exactly poor before, mind.

    But I never could stand that 'snake armour' rig. Just plain silly.

    Not as silly, though, as what Mattel/DC have the alleged 'He-Man' wearing in these wretched comics. Time to end that rubbish and bring back the real He-Man.
  5. amehler
    I still haven't looked into the current comics, but I was happy to see a nicely done cartoon, glad I got the dvd collection. Is that snake armor sold on any figures? I thought it might have just been a marketing ploy to sell more figures. I do like the Battle-Ready He-Man.
  6. Fitz
    These cartoons are great - they really are. I'm sure you are enjoying them.
    But Forester is spot on about the current comics; you aren't missing anything at all. Quite the reverse. Get hold of the MVC/Image comics that accompanied the 200x/MYP series; they are fantastic - you'll love them.

    And I agree; the snake armour was brought in to sell variant toys - but it was really unpopular and helped to sink the line. It wasn't wise to alter He-Man's design when it was iconic and everybody knew it. And they are at it again right now - with exactly the same results.

    History teaches us one great lesson in war, diplomacy and marketing alike: mankind never, ever learns the lesson of History....
  7. amehler
    Finished the series, fun stuff!
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