1. PlatinumFist
    Any of you guys going to San Diego Comic Con this year? I bought my tickets a couple of weeks ago and looking forward to seeing the Mattel display this year.
  2. Grepicon
    It all depends on if I can get tickets this year, they are not making it easy for people who do not go every single year back to back. Either hit that Mattel display up early or late if you want to get pictures, it is always packed.
  3. PlatinumFist
    I feel you on that one. I remember the days when all you had to do was show up the day you wanted to go and buy your ticket at the con, now it is incredibly difficult! I missed the last 3 years because I was gone, and then I was able to purchase a ticket last year but we went to the field during the time comic con was going on! Now that was frustrating. I waited on the computer for 3 hours before I was barely able to buy tickets but by the time I did, Saturday was sold out.
  4. amehler
    I've never been to any of the really big Cons, that would be awesome! Last year I was at the Baltimore Comic-Con and that was a great's more focused on comics and comic artists and less on the video games / films like the larger cons tend to be. I'm going again this year and I'll keep my eye out for any He-Man merchandise!
  5. PlatinumFist
    That's how Comic Con USE to be. The Wonder Con in Anaheim is not as big but it's slowly getting to where Comic Con is right now.
  6. amehler
    Nice. I'm really looking forward to the Baltimore Con...not until September!
  7. Grepicon
    well, not going, did the whole logging in by 9am and just watched the screen tell me as tickets were running low and selling out. No fun.
  8. PlatinumFist
    The same thing happened to me today, I wasn't able to get Saturday. I got Thursday, Friday and Sunday and now I have a gigantic hole in my weekend. I think there are 2 more chances to get tickets if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Grepicon
    Well, there are a lot of parties at bars and clubs on Saturday and there are always viewing parties too.

    There is always the zoo - but a LOT of walking. You can always hit the beach and relax your feet.

    I remember that they do offer up the tickets that end up being refunded in May or June - but by that time I am probably going to have something else lined up or am going to be too sour to try after my experience the other day, and the past 3 years.
  10. amehler
    It's a shame that these events have grown so large in a way...hardcore comics / sci-fi / fantasy / cartoon / gaming fans find it so hard to get tickets anymore. Living in PA the only cons really close by is the Baltimore Con in Sept and Wizard Con in Philly.
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