Hoping to trade locally...

  1. guy-dude
    Hi, everybody!

    So I have two daughters, and they are *obsessed* with the POPC figures. I bought into the add-on sub, but I'd love to get them some more. I'm hoping that any of you might have some that are either in your sub that you don't want, or you have extra, or are willing to trade.

    FWIW, I have a bunch of the 200X loose and still... on-card? Is that right? I have stactions the same, and I have unopened Panthor and She-Ra.

    I also have a vintage Thunder-Punch He-Man that is still in the box, but is partially opened (I learned the potential value of it before my younger brother and caught him destroying my financial future, but a little too late).

    Any help my Arizonians can offer is greatly appreciated!
  2. Grepicon
    is the Panthor 200x or MOTUC?

    I have a possible trade pending but will still have Adora and Netossa.
  3. guy-dude
    The Panthor is 200X.

    And my daughter just got super excited about Netossa (found one of the arts from the DVDs, and she was watching one of the episodes with her in it), so I'd definitely be willing to trade, or find out what you're asking for her!

    Oh, I still have a Catra for trade, but I'd think it's safe to say you're not looking for her.
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