whats your favorite episode?

  1. Son of Keldor
    Son of Keldor
    I want to know what everyone's favorite episode for the 2002 MYP cartoon is?

    mine is: the price of deceit

  2. Megalodon
    The Power Of Grayskull I just love how you FINALLY get to set where He-Man got his power from and KG Was HUGE!!! LOL!
  3. kylun flac
    kylun flac
    this is tough. all are so good. I enjoy the ones that reveal more about the characters & adding to the mythos.
  4. oehtam
    like kf said...almost all are good. But if i had to pick I would say "The Sweet Smell of Victory" ...Stinkor's showcase episode!
  5. Impulse
    Power of Grayskull for me too
  6. MLHumble
    A third to The Power of Grayskull. Epic.
  7. Grayskullian
    I have to agree. The Power of Grayskull was so cool. I loved how we learned so much, and got to see the Evil Horde!
  8. Zodak's new shoes
    Zodak's new shoes
    #1 The beginning (I love the elders and the look into the great unrest.
    #2 The Power of Grayskull (We learn a lot about Preternia. I'm not a big fan of King Grayskull, I like the He-Ro story better, but it did give us a nice glimpse at the interaction of ancient Eternia.
  9. Lich Leech
    Lich Leech
    Power of Grayskull was great other than "the power is inside you" thing
  10. Skeledor
    Tough but I really do love the "The price of deceit"
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