Anyone found MOTUC at any Bid Lots in town?

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  1. Midwinter
    If anyone still has some of these figures sitting around I would be up for buying or trading for some of them. I still need Catra, Count Marzo, Chief Carnivus, Battleground Teela, Clawful, Faceless One, Grizzlor, Leech, Man-E-Faces, Mo-Larr, Orko, Snout Spout, Sy-Klone, Buzz-Off, Thunder Punch He-Man, Trap Jaw and Vykron.
  2. guy-dude
    I have a Catra! I sent you a PM
  3. ericdbright
    I bought a few way back and have them in ziplocs. I have Marzo and Mo-Larr if you don't mind them loose.
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