UK Con or Meet-Up

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  1. Tribal Spaceman
    Tribal Spaceman
    I'd love to meet some fellow fans
  2. Battle Cat's Buddy
    Battle Cat's Buddy
    Hi folks. I live in Manchester. I've been a member of for a coupla years now... but only tonight have I actually put any time into working out how to use the site! (I am not very tech-savie!!) I might be up for coming to Comic Con - not sure what work I got on that weekend, so I may not be around, but it is just over the road from me and it would be cool to chat with other members of this site. I've not been to a comic con before so not really sure what to expect. I went to my first sci fi convention last year so am guessing its a bit like that
  3. IrisOfOrko
    Hey Guys Im looking for other serious Masters Collectors in the UK. Im kind of hunting down some UK exclusives and was hoping to make some good contacts prior to making the trip. Hoping to attend the Birmingham Comic con?
  4. Dagar
    Hi IrisOfOrko! What are you looking for? Best bet is to attend Roll Out Roll Call first and then Birmingham Comic Con following that. Are you from the Birmingham area?
  5. skeletorous
    Hey guys, I'm def going to the twins of power convention so looking forward to meeting others.
  6. Trap-Jaw-
    I'd like to go to a UK MOTU meet. I live in Leic but happy to travel.

    I only ever met one MOTU fan in Leicester but he got a bit antisocial, so keen to meet some more.
  7. davetree
    Sadly you just missed Twins Of Power last weekend, it was awesome, sign up for the newsletter or facebook page to be kept upto date with news for next show
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