Is there any photoshoped or customized NA/MotUC character?

  1. Lex_Alfa
    The only thing I can offer is a photoshoped Optikk with classic proportions and He-Ro boots
  2. radrcks
    Well I made a MotUC Critta a while back.
  3. Lex_Alfa
    Really awesome, this is getting better XD. Anyone else?
  4. radrcks
    Glad you like her. I might do some more NA customs down the line to even it out I've got an entire shelf of Horde ones, half a shelf of MotU ones and a shelf of PoP characters, Critta is pretty lonely all off by herself.
  5. Lex_Alfa
    You should deffinitively upload those pics to the group album
  6. Ulisses31
    I like him...
  7. Collec-Tor
    Hello everyone!
    I am a solid fan of New Adventures. I refuse to believe some of the NA-bashing hype I've seen here since I joined the org, and I know I'm not alone!
  8. guy-dude
    I feel like, regardless of if you're a NA fan, the 4HM have knocked each one out of the park with their designs. Production may have made a few SNAFUs, but the figures themselves are awesome! I wasn't a fan of the series when it first aired, but watching it recently on DVD, it's pretty great for what it is, and I have loved every figure that has been released!
    That was actually always my issue with the original figures - they didn't fit in with the original line. With all of these figures being of the same model, it's fantastic!
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