Welcome, Warriors!

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  1. Collec-Tor
    Greetings, everyone - glad to be a part of these two camps!
    I saw service from 1987 to 2011, with a few breaks and a few tours sprinkled in. USAF flight line mechanic, USA Forward Observer, Cavalry Scout, and Civil Affairs Team Sergeant. I loves me some MOTU, and have since the first figures appeared at my local Wynn's - hence my rabid support for the Classics line, and healthy appreciation for all the vintage gear from every line!
  2. Morbebanur
    Howdy US Army here been 11 years collected the original line, 200x, and now Classics missed the 1st few figures because I do not know about the line lucky it was early in the line so online a few had to be reissues or 2nd market.
  3. mchandler16
    Hey MOTU Military crew!! Sgt from the Marines, 2nd Scouts. I'm out now, but MOTU was a big conversation piece on our deployments haha!! Thanks for having me in the group!!
  4. PlatinumFist
    Glad to have you on board Marine!
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