Let's get some pics posted from our childhood of MOTU on this thread!

  1. lofftap
    Birthdays! Hanging out with friends playing with GraySkull or simple by yourself taking over the world with your favorite MOTU figure! Let's see it people! Anybody have pics to share? Please down load them to the group's photo section! Then tell us about your pics on here....
  2. lofftap
    Not a toy, but a awesome vinatge but classic MOTU Birthday cake!
  3. kbob25
    No way! That cake is epic. How cool is that?
  4. lofftap
    Isn't it awesome! The picture only took me four hours to find in my long lost boxes of Photo's in the garage... LOL and of coarse you had to have the awesome classic vintage He-Man plates and etc back in the day... Seriously love those days! Care free and MOTU all day..

    Any pic's to share Kbob25?
  5. sircory-1
    The cake is very cool! I remember having something similar for my 5th birthday in 1984. That's the birthday when I got Castle Grayskull. When I was at my parent's house last year, I came across all my old birthday photos and kid photos and I found quite a few of me with my MOTU figures! I hope to requisition these photos from my parents soon and post some of them here!
  6. lofftap
    Hey Sircory-1... I think this cake was in 84 as well! LOL... right on brother! My next cake was a Voltron cake 1985! Love that cake as well! Anyways, I really hope you guys can get some of your own pics up soon, let me know your progress in getting your photo's. But I know how that goes trying to get them from you families possession. It can take forever... will it did for me anyways... my grandma had all mine and wasn't going to let them go for anything... LOL.
  7. Jawbridge
    Not only a cake, but cups and plates, maybe even napkins, it's the whole shebang. Noice pic dood, thanks for sharing!
  8. kbob25
    I know there are childhood pics out there. Have to look through pics at parents house. Hopefully soon!
  9. Zodakhisstank
    I have one as well, I'll have to try and look for it and post it
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